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The Lines of Business for ALFDC

1. Community Economic Development

- Municipal and Rural Planning

- Rural Infrastructure Development

- Health Care

- Socioeconomic Equity

2. Public Policy and Advocacy

- Civil Rights Claims Assistance

- USDA Policy Advocacy

- Farm Bill Awareness Training

3. Housing

- Low Income Housing Tax Credits

- Real Estate Syndications

- HOME Owner Partnership Investment

- Home Buyer Education

- Credit Counseling

4. Property Management

- Acquisitions and Sales

- Rentals and Collections

- Maintenance and Repairs

- Tenet Organizing and Counseling

The Lines of Business for ALCDC

1. Community Development

- Youth Leadership Training

- Workforce Development

- Rural Community Development Initiatives

- HOME Ownership Partnership Investments

2. Food Systems

- New Market Development

- Food Safety Training

- Canneries, Farmers Markets and Food Hubs

- Regional Markets and Distribution Systems

3. Sustainable Agriculture

- Soil Conservation

- Soil Nutrient Management

- Renewable Energy

- Labor, social and Economic Equity

4. Outreach, Training and Technical

- Farm Management

- Risk Management Training and Education

- USDA Program Services