Arkansas Land and Community 
Development Corporation

The Lines of Business for ALFDC

1.      Community Economic Development

-          Municipal and Rural Planning
-          Rural Infrastructure Development
-          Health Care
-          Socioeconomic Equity
2.      Public Policy and Advocacy
-          Civil Rights Claims Assistance
-          USDA Policy Advocacy
-          Farm Bill Awareness Training
3.      Housing
-          Low Income Housing Tax Credits
-          Real Estate Syndications
-          HOME Owner Partnership Investment
-          Home Buyer Education
-          Credit Counseling
4.      Property Management
-          Acquisitions and Sales
-          Rentals and Collections
-          Maintenance and Repairs
-          Tenet Organizing and Counseling

The Lines of Business for ALCDC

1.      Community Development
-          Youth Leadership Training
-          Workforce Development
-          Rural Community Development Initiatives
-          HOME Ownership Partnership Investments
2.      Food Systems
-          New Market Development
-          Food Safety Training
-          Canneries, Farmers Markets and Food Hubs
-          Regional Markets and Distribution Systems
3.      Sustainable Agriculture
-          Soil Conservation
-          Soil Nutrient Management
-          Renewable Energy
-          Labor, social and Economic Equity
4.      Outreach, Training and Technical
-          Farm Management
-          Risk Management Training and Education
-          USDA Program Services






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